10 Nations with the Highest Self-Esteem in the World


Dr. David Schmitt, professor and director of the Department of Psychology at Bradley University, led a research project. The research project was done with the help of research associates from all corners of the globe. The goal of the research project was to  see which nation had the highest self-esteem. For this reason an anonymous survey was created in which more than 17000 people from 53 countries participated in. .  Miranda Hiti, one of the research associates, published the results of this research.

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  1. Serbia

In her publication, Dr. Hiti said that even though hard times had befallen Serbia, the Serbs had never desponded. The bravery of this Balkan nation has been noticed by many. For example, Robert Lesing, the World War 1 era US minister of foreign affairs said that:”When the history of this war is written, the most celebrated chapter of it will carry the name ‘Serbia’”.

The Serbian nation often received the same, if not even greater, recognition even from its opponents. The general of the German Army, Field Marshal August fon Makenzen , before departing to the Balkan front in the year of 1915, warned his army  on  nation, that loves freedom and will fight to the last man to preserve it…“  And even today the Serbian nation remains the same-brave, unyielding and honor-bound to its tradition.

  1. Chile


Chile is a peculiar country, located in South America. The country is dominated by the Andes mountain range which forms a natural barrier between Peru and Argentina.  South of the Andes mountain range is the Pacific Ocean. It is a land of beautiful, jocund and courageous people.

Chile has, many times through its history, faced unimaginable tragedies.  It survived the horrors of the Spanish colonization. It fought bloody wars with Peru and Bolivia. The Chilean nation even endured the terror of the military dictatorship brought about by Augusto Pinochet. After that, severe poverty struck the nation. Chile managed to persevere through all the aforementioned hardships. These are the kind people who believe in their strength, who manage to smile even though their history is blood soaked, people who are proud of what they created. Apparently, Chile`s place on this list is well deserved.

  1. Israel

Israel is a country of people who predominantly identify as Jewish, situated on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.  The Jewish people had to, and in some parts of the world still have to, cope with prejudice, hatred and violence directed against them.

The Israeli people had to deal with centuries-long mistreatment. The Jews are a people who believe that they are the chosen people, as outlined in the Old Testament, with a special moral mission. They believe in one God, but they did not accept Christianity that was dominant in Europe in the Middle-Ages and as a result had to deal with widespread persecution.  The Israeli nation is well-known throughout the world for its powerful economy, which allowed it to flourish. Centuries-old struggle for their hearth and their country made this nation brave, persistent and ingenious. The Jewish people survived the holokaust during the Second World War; an ethnic cleansing that is still to this day one of the worst atrocities ever committed upon any single ethnic or religious group.

  1. Peru

Peru is a country situated in western South America. This country is the homeland of the ancient Inca tribes, a country of cold Andean peaks and Amazon rainforests.  Peru is also home to multitudes of rare animal species and its national symbol is the Llama.

Peru`s history is marked by constant warfare. Wars breed poverty, and this country was not spared of either. Peru was liberated by Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar, an independence that was had to be consolidated by warfare. Peru finally got its independence in 1824. After that Peru fought with Bolivia against Chile which led to Chile occupying some territories of Peru. After this turn of events Peru`s history is marked by a constant rotation of military juntas and dictators. From 1980`s to 1990`s paramilitary formations along with the government committed large scale massacres upon the population. Such a turbulent history inevitably leads produces a brave and hardy population.


  1. Estonia

Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic states, situated between Letonia and Russia, separated by the Baltic from Finland and Sweden. Besides the long history the country is graced by a plethora of gulfs, lakes and marshes.

Estonia was throughout history controlled by other nations. After freeing itself from Denmark, Sweden and Poland, the Estonian people fought against the German occupation. Estonia population suffered greatly during the Second World War. After the war ended Estonia became a part of the Soviet Union. Estonia regained its independence in 1991. Besides the noted bravery of this small country, the people of Estonia are also known for their incredible festivals, The Estonian Song Festival being one of them.

  1. USA

The USA with its 48 states (Alaska and Hawaii not withstanding) are situated between the Pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean. No other nation in the world hosts as many different ethnic groups, primarily due to immigration.  The USA is a country of many natural beauties.

The people of The United States suffered badly during its long fight for independence. The USA is the first colony to achieve independence from Great Britain. After it gained independence its history was marked by a far bloodier war. The Civil War remains to this day the single bloodiest war fought in the Western Hemisphere and at its end, thanks to President Abraham Lincoln, 4 million slaves received their freedom. The country further fought in the First and the Second World War. Joining the Allies, men and women of the United States defended the world against Hitler and his allies.

  1. Turkey

Turkey is situated in the southwest corner of the Asian continent. Turkey is also known as the transcontinental country, as a small fraction of its territory crosses over into Europe. Up to the beginning of the 20th century Turkey was the center of the Ottoman Empire. To this day Turkey remains a country of magnificent cities and tantalizing natural beauties.

Turkey was in the middle-ages and in the period shortly after, one of the greatest military powers in the world. The Ottoman Empire at the height of its power spanned from Asia to the lands of northern Balkan. The only thing preventing further incursion into the Austro-Hungarian Empire were the nations in the Balkans. That is why the people of the Balkans suffered immensely under the Ottoman Empire, Serbs in particular.  The Ottoman Empire lasted for six centuries. The modern Turkish state is the descendant of the Ottoman Empire and is home to a people that considers itself brave and courageous.

8. Mexico

Mexico is situated on the North American continent. To the north it shares a border with the USA; to the West it borders the Pacific and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Modern Mexicans are descendants of many ancient nations, with Mayas and Aztecs being the most prominent.

During Mexico`s long history, the people living on its territory faced many hardships.  The brave people of Mexico first faced the guns and swords of the Conquistadors. After the age of colonization, the Mexican war of independence brought new suffering to the fledgling nation.  Following the period of the Mexican Revolution, a new war brought even more death and destruction. Finally, in the modern era, Mexico is tied up in a bloody conflict with many narco cartels that exist within its territory. Such a brutal sequence of events can only be survived by a nation that is brave, self-assured and possessing of an unbreakable will.


9. Croatia

Croatian is Balkan country, situated on the very border between Central and Southeast Europe. Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia up until 1991, when it became an independent state.

Croatia was for a long time a part of Austro-Hungary. The main part of its territory was shielded from the Turks by the Serbian people who were situated there. After the First World War it was a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. In the Second World War a great deal of innocent Croats lost their lives in the fight against the Nazi collaborators. As the population was divided along ideological lines a great deal of Croats lost their lives in both the First and the Second World War. Today Croatia is an independent country, a member state of the EU.

10. Austria

Austria is country located in Central Europe. Along with Hungary, it constituted the Austro-Hungarian Empire which dominated the Balkans and Central Europe. The Habsburg royal family ruled over Austro-Hungary for six centuries.

The Austro-Hungarian fell apart after WW1. After that, Austria received its contemporary borders. In the Second World War, Austria officially fought with Nazi Germany, which annexed the country in 1938. As many Austrians did not subscribe to Nazi ideology, many innocent Austrians lost their lives.



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