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DEVIL ‘S TOWN                                                        in Serbia

Devil’s Town is  one of the few geomorphological phenomenons, which can be seen in the world. It is located in Serbia, on the slopes of mountains Radan, at an altitude of 600 to 700 meters. From Belgrade, the Serbian capital, located 288 kilometers.

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                    In the world, people can rarely see the phenomenon, such as the Devil’s Town. In Europe,  natural  buildings like this one, can be found in the Alps,  on the territory of France and Austria,  but the Devil’s Town phenomenon  is the most  famous  in Europe . In America, there are also, knowing like a “Garden of the Gods”, but they are smaller and not resistant like these, In Devil’s Town.


                    In the year 2010. Devil’s Town was one of 77 candidates for 7 world’s wonders, like the best ranked among all candidates in Europe. This unique locality was put under protection in 1959, and 1995 Devil’s Town was declared a natural resource of great importance, and was placed in the first category of protection as a natural monument, with a total of 67 hectares of protected land.


This unusual „town” is, in fact, the collection of earth towers with the stone caps (blocks), on the top. There exists 202 figures – „towers”, as local people call them. They are about 2 up to 15 meters high, and  their width is from 0.5 to 3 meters. if you touch them, they can be destroyed, so you can watch them from the stairs or lookout.


Creation of the Devil’ Town”


Stone pillars were built by long and patient work of nature, by  erosion. In matter of fact, million years ago, this area had had been the center of volcanic activities, what’s documented with colorful rocks. However, this phenomenon of towers, has been created a lot of time later. People had contributed, cutting  trees,   that  big rocks  protect deeper and softer layers of earth of raindrops and rinsing by water. It caused the collapse of land, not under the stones, when  his weight have prevented further dissipation. This is the way how these pyramids were created.

On the tops of these towers, there are stone blocks, that serve as umbrellas. That caps protect towers of dissipation. But,   the water is continuing to flow between the figures.  In that manner, water flushes country, and towers are becoming higher. At the end of, we got correct towers with stone caps. Caps are hard and up to a hundred kilos, even more,but very stable. One of these caps, has fallen down during the earthquake on Kopaonik , 1980. This  tower became smaller, because, in fact, heavy cap keeps it. Towers are changing during the time, very slowly, they are growing, disappearing and  creating again. These figures are localized between two gulches- one called „Devil’s Gulch“ and another is “ Hell Gulch“.


What’s else interesting?


This phenomenon of towers is completed with two wells named „Red well“ and the other  named „Devil’s water“. This water’s  highly mineralized, for spa treatment, but it’s not recommended for drinking. Local people also consider that water heals. This water has a lot of iron ore, what makes it red.These  phenomenons, together, represent real world  wonder. These wonders , in local environment, look cruel and mystical,but despite of that,  whole environment is  very colorful and nice.


There you can also find the remains of the old village,old church, graves and few old mining pits. In the Middle century, in this area of Serbia,  there were a lot of iron ore, and the proof are two mining pits  . These mining pits  are dating from 13. century, what can be seen with the both sides of towers. Serbs, in those times, have rented Sases , the best miners of that time, to work for them. To be mentioned, also, that there exists old Orthodox church , also from 13 century, Saint. Petka . Local people consider that Saint. Petka saves them from all evils , which will disappear,   if spend  the night in the church.


People, also, believe that one can be cured, bending the sick part of body with handkerchiefs, and  putting them  on the tree , nearby the church. After that, it’s necessary to bury them in the earth. For these handkerchiefs people give money  to voluntary contribution, which is invested in the reconstruction of the church.


Legends of the “ Devil’s Town”

This phenomenon was, always, looked strange for  local people , so they created around him various stories and legends, which are transmitted from generation to generation. If one is looking on  the towers a long time, they start to look unreal, especially at night.  Sometimes, when  specific winds blow ,  sounds like someone is screaming. By   legend , these stones were, in fact,  wedding guests, which were, on  the  order of the devil,    married brother with his sister. Trying to stop this, The God decided to petrify  the wedding guests ,  as evidence that no  sin  cannot pass  unpunished. By the other legend, those figures represent devils, but Saint. Petka had helped people to get free of them.images-96

               Today, “Devil’s Town” is touristic complex. Having no access to ,only from  two lookouts, you can watch    these stone figures. There are asphalt road leading to the „town“, and all the area is  electrified with  colorful lights, what excites tourists. To arrive to the figures, you have to pass about 850 meters through the woods.  Two kilometers far of this nature monument, you can  to refresh to   in  tavern – “ Two Barns”.images-65

This  place is famous in the world, thanks to the nomination for „7 world wonders“. Everyone who decide to visit it, can’t stay indifferent to such a place,. Mysticism and beauty of local nature couldn’t be forgotten.



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